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Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention Devices

A backflow prevention device is a critical safeguard within an irrigation system that prevents the unwanted reversal of water flow. Its purpose is to ensure that contaminated or polluted water does not flow back into the main water supply lines, protecting the potable water from potential pollutants, chemicals, or debris present in the irrigation system.

This device acts as a barrier, allowing water to flow only in one direction – from the clean water supply to the irrigation system. In the event of a sudden drop in water pressure or a change in flow direction, which could occur due to factors like a water main break or a nearby fire hydrant use, the backflow prevention device closes off, preventing the contaminated water from re-entering the public water supply.

By maintaining the integrity of the water supply and preventing cross-contamination, a backflow prevention device not only ensures the safety of drinking water but also upholds health and sanitation standards. It’s a crucial component in any irrigation system, providing peace of mind and helping to protect both human health and the environment.

Not Just A Suggestion, They’re Code

As per the following code, we’re required to install a backflow preventer on any new system installations.

IPC 608.16.5 – Connections to lawn irrigation systems.
The potable water supply to lawn irrigation systems shall be protected against backflow by an atmospheric-type vacuum breaker, a pressure-type vacuum breaker or a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer. A valve shall not be installed downstream from an atmospheric vacuum breaker. Where chemicals are introduced into the system, the potable water supply shall be protected against backflow by a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer.

    Pressure Vacuum Breakers

    A pressure vacuum breaker or PVB is the most common backflow prevention device you will see on our residential Arizona irrigation systems.  They work well in the Valley due to our relatively flat landscape because they must be positioned above the grade of the highest part of your irrigated landscape to function properly.  They’re a modern, effective and cost efficient way to protect your home’s potable water supply.

    Over the years, our irrigation specialists have picked out the most reliable, durable and well featured units to install in our hard Phoenix weather.  The units we instal feature all metal exterior components as to not have any plastic to get brittle while baking in the sun.  They feature double ball valves to shut off the water to you irrigation in multiple spots.  We also install them with full copper plumbing so as not to have any PVC exposed to UV rays since it’s not rated for it.

    Reduced Pressure Principal Device

    In the event that your system has large variations in the level of the grade (example: raised planters), has an automatic fertilization system, or you’d prefer to have the backflow device located in an in ground box then a Reduced Pressure Principal (RP, RPP, RPZ) is the right unit for the job.

    These devices operate in a slightly more complicated way but allow for an even higher degree of protection as well as adding more flexibility to how they can be installed.  Due to this, they come at a higher cost but our irrigation experts can advise you on when installing an RP is the correct course of action.


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