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Nobody likes being caught in a situation where you’re left with a clogged drain, a shower with non-existent water pressure, repulsive smells coming from an unknown source, or the ultimate in plumbing nightmares, sewer backing up in your toilet.  Not to worry! Allegiance Water Services is equipped with the gear and the know how to locate and fix all of these issues and more. If you’ve got one of these problems, or even one you’re not sure about, give Allegiance a call today for one of our Drain Camera Inspections in Phoenix.  We’ll come out and get your plumbing working the way it should!

Have a drain issue?

Contact us today for any of your clogged drain needs. We offer camera inspections, rooter service, and more.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

To get to the cause, you first have to realize and detect the problem. There are several signs that might indicate you have a clog, or that one may be developing:

1. When water or sewage backs up into a toilet, sink, or bathtub (anywhere inside or outside, especially in low spots, such as 1st floor toilets and showers).

2. When the drain makes a gurgling noise as other plumbing functions take place. Under normal circumstances, when the water flows unimpeded through the pipe, it shouldn’t make a lot of noise other than maybe a smooth flowing sound. However, when there’s a clog in the sewer or water pipe, water hits it and releases oxygen, causing bubbles that make noise and even release smelly gases.

3. When the shower, tub or sink drains slowly — for example, if your feet are submerged during the shower.

4. When there’s poor pressure in parts or all of the system, which could be noticeable in the sink or shower and probably produce a weak toilet flush.

5. If the utilities that use water react to each other, such as the toilet making noise when the washer stops or starts.

6. When there’s a foul odor present, it sometimes means there’s a wad of goop or something accumulating within the drain. As you can imagine, whatever is causing the blockage probably doesn’t have a pleasant smell.

7. When water backs up in drains as other utilities are used.

8. When you run water in the sink closest to the toilet for a few minutes and it produces bubbles in the toilet, this can indicate that the problem is in the sewer main and not the toilet itself.

9. If the system becomes overwhelmed easily — for example, when only one utility at a time can drain well.

10. When water gathers around the floor drain in a basement, or there’s saturated soil or pooling water in the yard.

Know the Exact Cause

of Your Clog

There are a plethora of things that can cause a water main, or sewer line blockage. Allegiance Water Services uses a specialized camera and locator to figure out exactly what is causing the stoppage as well as precisely locate it so we can perform a minimally invasive service.  With our camera it is easy to diagnose the source of the clog be it a broken or collapsed pipe, a tree root, excess sediment, significant grease buildup, paper products, or even an old sagging pipe.  Drain Camera Inspections take the guesswork out of your clog removal needs and let our specialists find your perfect solution!

Lose a Valuable Item?

In the terrifying event of a precious item going down your drain, you can take solace in knowing Allegiance Water can help you get it back. Quick drain camera inspections can not only find where the item is in your plumbing system, but also give our professionals the best idea of how to successfully retrieve it.


Future-proof Your Plumbing

If you’re planning on remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or maybe even adding onto your home, be sure to schedule  drain camera inspections to make sure your plumbing is capable of handling the increased load. After one of our inspections, you’ll know exactly what your system can handle and can move forward from there.


New Home Inspections

Make sure you won’t be buying a plumbing lemon.  Drain camera inspections can bring light to issues that traditional home inspections can’t.  A collapsed main sewer line can be a costly repair, so rest assured knowing you won’t be running into any surprises.

Septic Inspection

Septic system issues are never a fun thing to deal with so  routine drain camera inspections can catch small things before they become serious problems.  Never be caught off guard again with Allegiance Water on your side. 

Have a drain issue?

Contact us today for any of your clogged drain needs. We offer camera inspections, rooter service, and more.

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