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Allegiance Water is your go to expert for RO system installation in Phoenix. Also commonly referred to as reverse osmosis, these systems purify your water to make it ideal for drinking and cooking with.  Through a process of passing the water through multiple varrying types of filters; minerals, chemicals and even parasites are removed from the water.  Typically we install a separate faucet in your sink and connect it to the RO system, however there are some options for a dual outlet faucet to be installed as well.

Our professionals make the Reverse Osmosis system installation quick and easy to ensure you have the best experience with Ro water from the start.  Using superior quality, non-proprietary parts, we offer systems with multiple stages of filtration to be able to meet your exact needs.  Additional accessories such as a chiller or instant hot can be added as well.  If your fridge has an ice maker, we can also feed it with the RO to keep it producing the cleanest ice imaginable.

Below you can see some of the most common harmful contaminates that are removed from your water by the reverse osmosis system.  If so desired, an alkaline filter can be added to the RO system to re-introduce beneficial minerals into your water.

Reverse Osmosis Installation for the Valley

Take note of the wording at the bottom of the chart, one of the things that can further enhance your RO system’s performace as well as lifespan would be to reduce the TDS.  This stands for Total Dissolved Solids and it can be reduced with a water softening system.  Allegiance proudly offers a full lineup of high end water softeners to compliemnt your reverse osmosis system.

So give Allegiance Water a call today for your RO system installation in Phoenix or the surrounding areas. We’re your local water treatment specialists!

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RO System Installation for the Valley

You deserve nothing but the best quality drinking water, call us to install an Reverse Osmosis System today.